Midas Magazine's fifth released issue delves into the feelings of nostalgia, calling back to the early 2000s and what truly makes us reminscent of our past. For this issue I designed Come Home When The Streetlights Turn On (p.28-35) and Cyclical (p.42-51.) I collaborated closely with photographers and authors to bring their artistic visions to life, while also injecting my own creative flair to each spread. Aside from a photographer blurb, Come Home When The Streetlights Turn On is a photo only article. I aimed to design a scrapbook ltheme through use of cutouts, texture, stickers, and handwritten lettering. Cyclical is an article containing pictures and writing that I designed based on the main concept of the content "Our culture is repeating itself, Cyclically." with a focus on music. To tie the idea together, I used a lot of circles, gradients, and dark tones.

Cyclical is currently nominated for the Associated College Press Pacemaker Awards, Best Magazine Pages/Spreads 2023
Software Used: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
View the interarctive magazine here

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