For my final project in my B.F.A program, I was tasked with creating an orgainzation that would aid the prompt "What if anything, can design do to help X people in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community." The population I chose to represent was the homeless community with my brand called "The Open Door Project". The Open Door Project strives to foster community, create awareness, and erase the stigmatizations homeless people face with three products. 
The three posters within this project communicate a dual narrative. The first perspective tells the stories of homeless individuals, emphasizing their qualities and life before homelessness overtook them. The second perspective highlights the challenges they now face, inviting viewers to confront the stark reality of their circumstances and how quickly you can go from having everything ahead of you, to having nothing
The app, Kindly, is designed to bring the community together in an engaging manner. Users are encouraged to participate in various challenges and missions, each aimed at providing aid and support to those experiencing homelessness. By turning these acts of kindness into an interactive tool, Kindly hopes to foster a sense of collective responsibility and motivate users to make a meaningful impact for their communities. To view the in depth UX process, follow this link. 
To make my prototype more engaging in my exhibition space, I created a commercial with motion graphics and engaging transitions to catch my viewers' eyes.
Lastly, there is a donation box which acts as a tangible resource, offering a convenient and accessible means for individuals to contribute to the cause. By placing these donation boxes in strategic locations, such as grocery stores, individuals can fill them with necessities for those in need. The packaging of these boxes reflect the relevant holiday/season for the year, in this case they are reminiscent of Christmas presents allowing for donors to include a note of encouragement to those in need.
Beyond the visual and creative aspects of this project, there is a social and ethical layer. Design has the power to transcend aesthetics and functionality and instead be a catalyst for change, an amplifier of voices often left unheard. This project not only seeks to raise awareness but also to create empathy, foster community involvement, and promote social justice. It poses the question: Can design be a vessel for addressing the most pressing issues of our time? These products aim to challenge viewers to consider their role in the broader societal fabric and to recognize the potential and power for design to be a force for positive change. The Open Door Project captures the essence of design's potential in the face of homelessness. It is an invitation for viewers to engage, empathize, and actively contribute to the advancement of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community. By using creativity to shed light on homelessness, it strives to make a lasting impact, turning design into a powerful force for good.

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