Cohen Care is an urgent care clinic located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The founder, Belinda Cohen, wanted to focus on delivering top notch quality care while also giving her clients a comfortable experience. She also wanted to create a logo that was simple and non-generic, but still matched the tone of the slogan.
Software Used : Illustrator

Cohen Care logo concept that the client gave me.

Initial logo ideation

Second batch of ideas given from client

These are the logos I created based off of those second batch of logos that the client gave me. The idea was to make the stethescope, heart, and letter C interact with one another.

The logo was finalized to be an all in C stethescope logo. The color palette ended up being the top right logo as it was the colors of the American Flag and reflective of the client's wants.

It was then changed back to the original idea due to sign printing complications, the logo deadline time, and the client having a change of thoughts.

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